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Cheltenham High School
Alumni Web Sites

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Class of 1970

Meyers Elementary School, Class of 1964
       Find yourself in this glorious assembly.

Jeff Lorber '70
       Jeff Lorber:  Music, Discography, Tour Dates

Jon Entine '70
       "Taboo:  Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid to Talk About It"

Karen Ellis '70
        Guavaberry Books, publisher of "Domino," a book of Traditional Children's songs
        from the U.S. Virgin Islands.
        On-line publisher of the Educational CyberPlayGround

Jan Krawitz '70       Documentary Filmmaker

Jim Tucker '70
       James Tucker, MD, is the author of the medical thrillers "Abra Cadaver" and "Hocus Corpus"

Claudia Greene Anastasio '70
       Welcome to the world of Swing Cat !   We are prowling boldly into the future,
         offering an ever-widening array of esoteric music.


Eve Gruntfest '70     Queen of Flash Floods

Randall Lipton '70
       The Lipton Group is a management consulting firm with a focus on organizational change.

Fred Weis '70
        Who really knows where Fred is. 

Joe Koplin '70     Well, not really.... but it could be the start of some memories.

Steve Beissinger    Chair and Professor, Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management
    Division of Ecosystem Sciences, University of California, Berkeley


Class of '71

David Gray '71
       Clarinetist, seminal figure in the klezmer revival, leader of Klezcentricity, composer, verteran on digital audio.

Lee Jaffe '71
      Head, Library Computing, UC Santa Cruz; author "Introducing the Internet PLUS";  "All About Internet Mail"
        See also the website for Gulliver's Travels, a hyperlinked version of the original Jonathan Swift text.

Class of '68

David Ulansey '68
       Professor in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Program
        at the California Institute of Integral Studies

Mark Rosenberg   '68
      Eileen Rosenberg-Black  has leukemia and is in desperate need
        of a bone marrow transplant to survive. Since tissue type is inherited, Eileen's
        best chance of finding a match is someone of European/Jewish ethnic ancestry.
        For more information on marrow/stem cell donation, see Mark's site.


Class of '69

Ken Ulansey '69
       Ken Ulansey -- Philly's Doctor Sax.  

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