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25 Classmates
came !

West Coast Reunion
Stanford, California
(Palo Alto - San Francisco area)
* May 31, 2003 *
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The Lunch Menu is listed below

UPDATE:   We have 21 Classmates in Northern California that we've got valid contact information for. 
Of those 21 Classmates, 19 of us are coming... and the other two have prior commitments to be out of state on that date.  Plus 6 more from Seattle, Oregon, Los Angeles, and Arizona.  What a tremendous response ! 

Photographs of the afternoon can be viewed by clicking on :  

That's right -- we're doing it again.  Only, this time it will be different.  Of course !

Date:                     Saturday afternoon, May 31, 2003       1 p.m. to around 6
Place:                     Bonnie G's home, Stanford, California   (Palo Alto - SF Bay)
For Directions and Maps, click here
                                                    For Hotels, B&Bs, and Things to do around Stanford, click here

The Scene:            Early afternoon drifting into the evening.  A GREAT Lunch -- plus hors d'oeuvres, wine, and the like.  Later, we'll go out to eat dinner at a restaurant near-by.  On Sunday, there will be a spot picked for brunch (maybe Marcy's house) or a park setting for an outside gathering.  And if people are coming in on Friday evening, we can do something then, too.  We're loose.

Okay, so why May 31 ?   Well, every date has its advantages and its less-than-advantages.  By June, we run into graduations, vacations, and a marked dispersion in attention.  From what we've heard so far, May 31st looks good.  So let us know !

For those flying here, we've got some good hotels and can tell you about the possibilities.   Similarly, if you need rides or shuttle service from your hotel, let us know.   Or perhaps van-pooling from the City or from the East Bay, whatever.  Several classmates have offered their homes for travelling Classmates.  And many of the airlines have low-cost fares into San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland.  (See:  Horizon, Southwest).    San Jose is the closest airport.

How many, and how much ?   Our guess is perhaps 40 people, although you all may surprise us.  Cost will be reasonable -- perhaps $31 per person for the afternoon portion; we'll see as we get closer.

Can we count you in ?

The sooner you can let us know that you are positively up for the enjoyment of this fun-and-friend-filled afternoon, the better it will be.  Who can we believe will be there ?  Bonnie, Fred, Jan, Billy, Howard, Wendy, Joel, Jeff, Ed, Cathy, Addie, Ken, Joe, Randy, Laurie, Neil, Betsy, Melissa, Harry, Lee, Melissa, Marcy, Peter, Eric, Tom, Paul  ?  Hmmm ??     More names = more momentum.  Tell us soon, and it will be good for everybody.

Lunch Menu
Sandwich and Salad Selection

Grilled Eggplant
with pesto, roasted peppers and ricotta cheese

Niman Ranch Roast Beef
with provolone cheese, sweet and spicy cabbage and honey mustard

Roasted Organic Chicken
with organic greens and lettuces, caramelized onions and chipolte aioli

 Caesar Salad with Tapenade Toasts
Rice Noodle, Broccoli and Soy Salad
Seasonal Pesto Vegetables

 Lemon Bars
Fat Rascals Black and White Cookies

 Bottled Waters
Fine French and California Wines and Champagne
Courtesy of Ed Gelsman,


For info or to contribute to the excitement
for the May 31 West Coast Reunion, send a note to:
If additional information is needed, write to Fred Weis at:
or phone Fred or Bonnie

This list last updated:  June 4, 2003

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The Classmates listed below have provided indication that they will be in attendance at our fabulous (once again) West Coast Reunion
on May 31, 2003.

     Yes --   25

Aw, I'd LOVE to come, but just can't be there that day !
Bonnie Goodman Ed Polish (He's BACK from rafting at the Grand Canyon)
Fred Weis Bob Frankel  -- Last minute change of plans
Jan Krawitz Randy Lipton
Billy Trichon Herb Gersenson  
Marcy Radler Moyer Larry Ginsberg - Visalia CA
Cathy Jo Seitchik Diaz Wendy Wallner
Randy Aronson  (from Arizona) Howard Gest
Melissa Berkowitz Ken Siegel
Betsy Wolkin
Lee Zipin
Joel Bernstein
Ed Gelsman
Addie Meltzer
Peter Beach
Julie Russakoff  Ditto Still needing a little nudge ?
John Van Horne Karen-Ann Lichtenstein -  All the way back East
David Ellman Rob Roseman - Colorado
Laurie Bronson
Joe Koplin  - from Seattle Out of this World  (or, out of the Country)
Paul McKenna  - from Corvallis, Oregon Eve Gruntfest (in Trieste, Italy)
Terry Wigle Guthrie Sally Goldstein (in Italy)
Jeff Lorber
Steve Beissinger
Jeff Rinek and... Would Love to, but Respectfully Declined
Saul Fox (Class of '71) Barbara Epstein Dobkin
Bob Stein - 50th Birthday on Kauai
Ann Wolf
Greg Doktor
Jeff Berman
George Dash
Karen Simon, in NYC
Bonnie Rose
JD and Fanette